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Digging Trenches

Hi friends!  I spoke with my grandma on the phone yesterday and she reminded me that I haven’t posted a new blog post yet, so I thought I should get right on that! 😉  The following pictures are of our huge sewer replacement project.  We had a pretty good idea going into the purchase of our home that this would need to be done, but we were not really sure to what extent the “damage” would be until we started digging (and by “we,” I really mean Mr. Fixer… and other people).  We began a few weeks ago, and while I co-hosted a tea party for about 20 women, some of their spouses headed over to our house for some pizza and digging.  Thank goodness for their help in getting this project started!  Once again, I am so thankful for our community of friends!

Enjoy, and next time you see Mr. Fixer, give him a nice pat (massage?) on the back! 🙂


Mrs. Fab

Deck removal

Notice that our deck is gone? To begin, the guys had to remove the deck to get to the sewer line.

Beginning of sewer line

The beginning of the line, and the digging!

Holly bushes removed

We had some giant holly bushes bordering our deck that got in the way. Don’t worry, though, Mr. Fixer hooked them up to his truck with a chain and pulled them right out!


IMG_6144Old sewer pipe


Corroded pipe

And this, friends, is why we needed a new sewer line. We had a septic system!

Mr. Fixer digging

Mr. Fixer continued to dig long after the other guys left, and the following weekend. He’s such a hard worker!

Mr. Fixer in the trench

And he manages to keep on smiling the entire time!


Nick and Limin having a drink break

This last weekend we had some helpers fill the trench back in with dirt. Thanks Nick and Limin!

Mr. Fixer and more digging

This picture jumped out of order and I can’t get it to go back. It’s a good overview of length though. I think it was about 40-45 feet of digging altogether!





Water line

Oh, and while he was at it, Mr. Fixer decided to dig out the old water line too.  Does anybody have a good recommendation for a physical therapist?!