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Let the drywall begin!

Happy Monday friends!  The last few weeks have been busy and it feels like we are making soooo much progress at the house!  The fact that drywall is going in right now fills me with JOY!  But before that commenced, Mr. Fixer installed our new insulation and we demo’d our old ceiling.  Originally we thought it would save us money to keep the old ceiling intact and just skim over it with mud, but our drywall guy recommended we actually put new drywall over it.  Since that obviously wouldn’t save us any money, we figured we might as well tear it out!  It caused a bit of a delay, but at least we enjoyed great company while we were at it! 🙂

Enjoy these picture updates!  By the time the drywall is all finished, we just might know what color to paint the nursery! 🙂


Mrs. Fab

Mr. Fixer framing out ceiling

Mr. Fixer is framing out the second part of our vaulted ceiling in the addition. We did this for two reasons — we weren’t a huge fan of the cedar paneling everywhere, plus we wanted to put some insulation up there to conserve energy.


Ceiling insulation - partial


Ceiling insulation - complete


Wall insulation

Insulation around the house is complete! Plus we passed our inspection (of course!).

Collage - ceiling demo

Last weekend we had friends over to help with our ceiling demo. Guess what Mrs. Fab did all afternoon? 🙂

Mr. Fixer with drywall

Look at that big smile on Mr. Fixer’s face?! We loaded up our 16′ trail with 6000 pounds of drywall and off we went (slowly)!

Scripture above doorway

A project I have been wanting to do for some time (before drywall!) — write scripture on the walls that pertained to each room/area of the house.

Ryan with first piece of drywall

On Saturday we prepped for drywall installation (papering the floors, etc.) and managed to get the first row of sheetrock in before calling it a day. Thanks for your help Ryan!



Dad helping with drywall

My dad also drove down from Seattle to help Mr. Fixer! Couldn’t have done it without ya, Dad! 🙂




Mr. Fixer installing drywall

Mr. Fixer finishing up the back bedroom.

Completed ceiling - drywall

And here we are! Except the bathroom and a couple of closets, we finished installing all of the new ceiling in the main part of the house.

Electrical, Mechanical, & Structural – check!

Hello friends!  The day has finally come — time for an update!  About a week or two ago, Mr. Fixer finished up the mountainous project of replacing all the old electrical wiring in our house. We replaced old wires, got a new electrical panel, laid out a new lighting plan, added outlets, and so on.  But alas, it did, and we passed our inspection with flying colors.  Let me tell you, Mr. Fixer is impressive!  Throughout this whole process, I’ve been continually blown away by what my smartypants 🙂 husband can do or figure out how to do. He really is the epitome of DIY!

In the midst of this project, we finally moved on-site into our little travel trailer, affectionately called “the pod.”  Goodness knows the stories we will be able to tell our children someday… It’s about 17 feet long and maybe 8 feet wide, but it does have a full-size queen bed (with a Tempur-Pedic mattress!), a bathroom, a little 2 burner stove, a convection microwave that I still don’t know how to use, and a tiny refrigerator.  Plus a dining room table that folds into a second bed!  So someday when we aren’t actually living in the pod, it will be a great little trailer to take camping!

It was a little difficult taking pictures of wiring (there’s only so much to see!), so I’ve thrown in some random pics of things we worked on while Mr. Fixer was busy doing his thing.  Enjoy!  Stay tuned… insulation and drywall is next on our to-do list!


Mrs. Fab

New panel

New panel


Mr. Fixer is very organized 🙂


Feeding wire into the new box

Recessed lights

We installed several new recessed lights throughout the house. I learned a lot about designing lighting plans for remodels during this project! Main lesson… be flexible! 😉

Vaulted ceiling

A side project that we had our good friend Pat help us with was firring out the vaulted ceiling in the addition. We weren’t a huge fan of the wood paneling and it didn’t mesh well with any other area of the house, so we decided to drop the ceiling slightly and we will just sheetrock over it. A bonus, though, is that we get to tuck some insulation up there, so the space will be a lot warmer than before!

Mom ripping out the bush

Another side project — ripping out lots of ugly bushes in the front yard! Luckily I had my mom’s big muscles to help! 😉


Our neighbor let us borrow his creeper van to haul all the yard debris away!

Mike driving the van

Mike had a blast driving the old van! We thought for sure we’d get pulled over at some point…

The pod

And last, but not least, THE POD!