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Before and After Reveal #1

FRIENDS!  Did you miss me???  It’s like I had a baby or something since my last post.

(Okay, okay, no excuses.)

This past weekend I hosted a baby shower for a dear friend of mine and I realized that this was a good time to get some nice pictures of the house.  Because, A. it’s come sooo far.  B. it’s come sooooooo far.  and C. it’s come sooooooooooooooooo far.  But really, Mr. Fixer and I worked hard to get things host-worthy and it was the first time where I felt like, hey, our house looks DANG good, I should take some pictures.

So here is the moment I have been waiting for for two years — the beginning of the before/after reveal!  I have been treasuring and saving these yucky old photos for a long time now, and I am thrilled to finally be sharing them with you.  You have seen a ton of photos of our remodeling process, and surely there are a lot you haven’t seen from the last several months, but we are going to just skip over those for a bit.  Because who doesn’t love a good DIY before/after reveal… or should I say, a good DIY “fixer to fab” reveal.

*Disclaimer — these photos were taken while we were in negotiations to buy the house.  Please respect, ahem, the previous owners’ unique design aesthetic.  I think you’ll figure out which ones are before and which ones are after! ;-P

Stay tuned for more before/after pictures of the bedrooms, bathrooms, master suite/rental apartment, and exterior.

Also, to remind yourself of the previous layout of the home, click here.


Mrs. Fab

P.S.  I realize that I should have some fancy collage of side-by-side before/after pics, but I don’t know how to do that, so if you’ve got tips, let me know!


Looking in from the front door.


To the right of the front door as you walk in. Removing this fireplace was one of our very first projects.


Looking towards the front of the house as you stand in the living room.


The kitchen looking towards the back of the house.


The kitchen looking towards the front of the house.


Through this archway is what we call “the addition.” It lies beyond the kitchen toward the back of the house.


The original laundry room — part of the addition.



Looking in from the front door.  We’d love to make a built-in entertainment center down the road.  For now we have a DIY tv stand made out of cinder blocks and fake reclaimed barnyard, ha!


Looking towards the front of the house.


Looking towards the front door. The mirror is approximately where the original fireplace/chimney was. We hope to have a built-in banquette for our dining room someday.


…and standing back a little bit.


Standing in the living room looking towards the kitchen.


Lovely new kitchen. We removed a wall to create the bar area, took out the window facing the back, and reconfigured the layout.


In the kitchen looking towards the front of the house.



We reconfigured the original laundry room to create a pantry, laundry, and bathroom for the master suite (beyond the far wall).


Standing in front of the new laundry/pantry looking out towards the backyard. Someday we will rebuild the deck that is supposed to be there (remember our giant sewer project?!), as well as add in a built-in bench and mudroom type organization. For now it’s sort of a catch-all area for pending projects.



Looking back towards the new master suite/rental apartment — what we call the “addition.” More reveal pics on that later!