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Welcome!  We are Mrs. Fab and Mr. Fixer, and we just bought our very first home in the greater Portland Metro area.  (Forest Grove counts, right?)  Mr. Fixer has a background in construction anIMG_20141025_141855747_HDRd currently works for a commercial contractor as a project engineer and estimator, and I have a degree in architecture and design.  What does this mean for first time home-buyers like ourselves?  You guessed it–we bought a fixer!  A major fixer. Like moldy-pop-tart-on-the-upper-cabinet-of-the-bathroom fixer.

Join us as we navigate this new adventure and chronicle our crazy encounters with the wonderful world of DIY home improvement, transforming our home from fixer to fab. Hopefully you will glean some insight, tips, and just plain laughs along the way!

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Kayleen

    Yay, Kaci! I am so excited to see this blog up and running, and can’t wait to keep caught up on your adventures! Love to you, my sweet friend.

  2. amy

    I love this..had no idea that you had a blog..happy times in the renovation..it will ultimately strengthen your marriage..I can attest to that after a 16 yr renovation of a 1927 home. Keep up the good work!!!


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