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Happy Wednesday, friends!  I don’t know about you, but I am especially looking forward to this coming weekend.  I have a wonderful beach getaway planned with 10 awesome gals, and I can’t wait!  I feel a teensy bit guilty that I am leaving Mr. Fixer to work on the house all by himself, but quality time with girlfriends is so important for Mrs. Fab’s soul!  And maybe some of my gal pals’ hubbies will join Mr. Fixer and have their own manly-man time (hint, hint). 😉

For the last couple weeks, I have been meaning to update you all on a couple small changes to our design plan.  As Mr. Fixer and I were discussing the mechanical/electrical plan for the house, we decided that it would be less cumbersome to figure out a venting strategy for the range if it was on the exterior wall where the sink was originally planned.  Here’s an explanation for why this decision was made:

  • Every range needs to have a ventilation system to get grease, smoke, and moisture out of the air while one is cooking.  For ranges that are not against a wall, the ductwork has nowhere to hide except in the cabinetry and/or flooring below.  This creates a space issue, and when you are short on space like us, it just doesn’t make sense!
  • The ubiquitous microwave.  I am not a big microwave user, so it gets forgotten in my design programming much of the time.  Mr. Fixer, though, thoroughly enjoys zapping his food, so he was the one who pointed out the issue of where we were going to put it!  In a large kitchen with plenty of cabinetry, the days of the microwave being over the range are pretty long gone.  However, in a small kitchen like ours, that really is the best location for it. [Because, ugh! — who wants a microwave taking up their entire kitchen counter-space?!]

The second small change we made was simply flipping our built-in at the new back entrance to the opposite wall.  We chose to do this because of the future desire to have that back portion of the home a lovely master suite (instead of its current designation as a rental unit).  By locating the built-in on the other wall, therefore, that leaves room for future french doors to lead into the master.

Take a look, and please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions!


Mrs. Fab

Changes are noted in red.

Changes are noted in red.

The new design, with the aforementioned changes.

The new design, with the aforementioned changes.

2 thoughts on “Design Revisions

  1. Amanda Glick (Snyder)

    I’ve been watching your progress as we are also buying a fixer upper. Looks like a great design! I also loved the demo house with the chandelier picture!! What program do you use for designing the layout? I’m trying to find something online and do it myself before I consult a designer….

    1. Mrs. Fab Post author

      Hi Amanda! How exciting that you are buying a fixer, too! It’s a lot of work, but so worthwhile and fun!

      I am using AutoCAD, which is a pro drafting program. If you are looking for something online that is free, I would suggest either Google SketchUp or Homestyler (which is actually the same developer for AutoCAD). Both are really intuitive programs that practically anyone can learn within a couple hours! I would probably check out Homestyler first (they have an app, too), and if that program isn’t flexible enough for your drawing needs, I’d move over to SketchUp.

      Let me know if I can help in any way! It was good to hear from you, and I am so glad you are enjoying the blog! 🙂


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