Hello and happy Thursday, friends!  I am looking forward to this week coming to an end because my mom and step-dad are coming down again to hang out and help at the house. These visits have become so fun, and they truly enjoy helping us build our new home!  I have a feeling though that it is kind of like babysitting — they are probably glad when they get to pack up and return to their own cozy (and finished) home by weekend’s end!  😉

Mr. Fixer and I, on the other hand, are in this for the long haul.  The past few weeks at church we’ve been discussing the same passage in Acts (chapter 2, verses 42-47) about community, fellowship, and devotion; and the word devotion is definitely something I would associate with Mr. Fixer.  He has got to be one of the most devoted people I have been blessed to know.  Not only has he shown incredible devotion to our marriage, but he is also so devoted to his work at the house (not to mention his full-time day job!).  I was there the other day cleaning up for him and snapping some photos, and I am truly amazed at what he has accomplished in the little time he has been able to actually be there working.  And the most humbling part of it all — he is doing it all for me!  Okay, so he is having fun and loves doing this type of stuff in general, but goodness knows that guys can tolerate living in filth and mess much better than us gals!  He wants me to have a beautiful and comfortable home, and he is doing everything he can to provide that.

Sure, sometimes I get discouraged that he’s not home right after work, or that we aren’t going on fancy getaways or eating out at fancy restaurants.  In our society and culture, we are conditioned to believe that these are the signs of devotion.  I have to remind myself that devotion goes much deeper than that, though.  It is the day-in and day-out commitment to someone or something other than yourself, not a random gift or gesture here and there.  Now, that is not to say that I do not still want those things (I am like every woman longing for romance, after all), but they would certainly mean a lot less if the man behind them was not the kind of devoted man that I know Mr. Fixer to be.

With that thought, then, I encourage you to take a moment and say thank you to the ones in your life that are devoted to you.  Maybe it is a spouse like Mr. Fixer, but perhaps also it is a parent helping a child through school, or a daughter checking in on her mother.  Whatever the relationship, don’t ignore the everyday signs of love and devotion while you are pining away for fireworks and filet mignon.


Mrs. Fab

Update: Mr. Fixer has been busy working on framing lately.  I know these pictures may seem like a puzzle to some, so read the captions for a frame of reference (ha!).

Living room looking towards addition

Standing in the living room, looking towards the addition. The wall in the front is a new kitchen wall. To the right of that will be the new eating bar.

Half bathroom doorway

Standing in the living room, looking towards the bedrooms and bathroom. The framing to the left will be a closet and the doorway to the right is for the half bathroom. Beyond that is the “master” bedroom.

Kitchen looking towards bathroom

Another view towards the bedrooms, this time from the kitchen. There will eventually be two new walls here — one dividing the kitchen from the bathrooms, and another dividing the half bath from the master bath.

Garage entrance looking in

Standing near the garage entrance, looking into the kitchen and living room.

ADU bedroom doorway

Moving to the back of the house, this will be the ADU bedroom. This is looking out towards the ADU living area.

ADU closet doorway

Standing in the ADU bedroom, looking towards the new closet doorway. Beyond that will be the new laundry room/pantry.

ADU bathroom doorway

Again, standing in the ADU bedroom, looking towards the doorway to the adjoining bathroom.

ADU bathroom and closet doorways

A broader picture of the two previous doorways.

Doorway to laundry opposite

Standing in the ADU bathroom, looking towards the laundry room/pantry doorway. There will be a wall separating these spaces. Beyond the doorway will be a new entrance to the deck, and you can see a sliver of the kitchen through the doorway to the left.

Doorway to laundry

An opposite view — standing in the back entry looking towards the laundry room/pantry doorway. Again, there will be another wall here separating the laundry from the ADU bathroom.

Doorway to ADU opposite

Standing near the ADU entrance, looking towards the main house.


Doorway to ADU

An opposite view — standing in the main house near the kitchen, looking towards the doorway to the ADU/future master bedroom.


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