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Plumbing – check!

Well hello, friends!  It’s been awhile, I know.  But goodness, have we been busy!  As I was reviewing all my photos for this blog post, I got to relive what we’ve been up to for the last several weeks — a beach trip with middle and high school kids from church, two weekends of helping friends move, a thirtieth birthday celebration for yours truly, Mother’s Day in Seattle, a fishing trip on the Columbia with my dad, and a new job for Mrs. Fab!  Meanwhile, we’ve been spending every spare minute at the house working on plumbing and electrical — what a project! The plumbing finally wrapped up at the end of last week, though, and I am proud to say that Mr. Fixer passed his plumbing inspection on Friday morning with flying colors (I had no doubt).

I am off to do some shopping for the next adventure in “Operation Fixer to Fab” (stay tuned… we’ve got some new digs!), but I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Memorial Day!


Mrs. Fab

This pile of tubing and fittings grew and shrank, grew and shrank.

This pile of tubing and fittings grew and shrank, grew and shrank.  Mr. Fixer would call up from beneath the house, and I would cut pieces to length and pass them down.

Looks like some sort of Halloween joke, huh?  Mr. Fixer was in and out of our crawlspace more times than he can count!

Looks like some sort of Halloween joke, huh? Mr. Fixer was in and out of our crawlspace more times than he can count!

Mr. Fixer created this handy contraption to help unroll the PEX tubing.

Once all the venting was in place, we began to install the water lines.  Mr. Fixer created this handy contraption to help unroll the PEX tubing.

Water lines under house

By the time all the lines were in place, we had used over a thousand feet of PEX.

Plumbing manifold - before


Plumbing manifold - after

After – here is the plumbing manifold all hooked up!

PEX everywhere

We had tubing going everywhere!

Meanwhile, our faithful electricians were busy at work :-)

Meanwhile, our faithful electricians were busy at work 🙂

Hi Mom!

Hi Mom!

Powder room sink

And here it all is — all hooked up and ready for inspection! (Powder room)

Bathroom sink




Laundry room

Laundry room

Second bathroom sink

Second bathroom

Shower and sink


ADU sink

This area is for the small wet bar/kitchenette that we will rent out eventually.

Island vent

Island vent for the kitchen sink — the inspector was especially impressed with Mr. Fixer for this one!


Prepping for New Electrical & Plumbing

Happy Monday, friends!  The following pictures are a couple weeks old, so my apologies, but I figured I should at least get them up on the blog before my mom and step-dad come down again (bless them!) on Friday!  Once again, we had a great time while they were here.  In between pulling out electrical wiring at the house, we hung out at McMenamins (a must for Mike when he’s in town), attended a men’s breakfast event at church, had a dinner and movie date, and made buttermilk blueberry pancakes!  Goodness, it doesn’t even sound like we worked at all!  😉

Hope everyone is getting ready for one of my favorite holidays tomorrow — St. Patrick’s Day! Mmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about a big ol’ plate of corned beef and cabbage!


Mrs. Fab

Mom pulling out old wires

Mom had to work those muscles pulling out all those wires!


Mike removing wiring

Mike dealt with the chaos of our main electrical box.



Teamwork! And a beautiful smile from my mom 🙂


Mr. Fixer installing new shower pan

Mr. Fixer is installing the new shower pan in the back bathroom.


Mr. Fixer prepping for shower pan

Ever the precise one 🙂

Blueberry pancake face

A special pancake just for me. Thanks Mom! 🙂



Odds & Ends with Friends

Hello, friends!  Happy Wednesday!  I am still playing catch-up with my photos, so these are from two weekends ago.  This last weekend was Mr. Fixer’s birthday, plus it poured outside, so we didn’t do a lot at the house.  Birthday breakfastBut we sure did have a nice day celebrating Mr. Fixer and eating lots of yummy food!

Have I mentioned how wonderful our friends are?  Truly, I cannot keep saying it enough — we have the best of friends!  Whether they are helping us at the house or doing something entirely different, we simply have incredible friendships that I am so grateful for.  Okay, I’ll stop gushing… 🙂

Enjoy this quick update!  I hope everyone is having a great week and getting an opportunity to enjoy the sun that’s been peaking out the last couple of days.  I hear that it is supposed to be 60 degrees on Monday! (Can anyone say beach trip?!)


Mrs. Fab

Attic view of new beams

This is an attic view of the two big beams we put in.


Nick & Limin removing electrical

This fantastic duo is helping to remove old knob and tube wiring.


Samantha removing window

This lovely lady can do anything, whether it is helping to remove electrical or knocking out old windows!

Guillaume removing window

Guillaume should be a pro window guy by now! 🙂


Nick & Limin removing nails

Our deck has to be removed so we can replace a bad sewer line. Great…

Deck screws

Helpful hint: leave your screws in until you are finished so you know where you’ve been!


Mr. Fixer holding rotten pipe

And this would explain why EVERY fixture in the house has a leak.

Guillaume & Nick holding header

Loading up!


Wrapping up Demo… Again

A couple weeks ago when I wrote Wrapping Up Demo, I thought Mr. Fixer and I were finally on the cusp of the rebuilding phase for our bare-bones house.  Goodness, was I wrong.  But now I can say that we truly are!  The flooring has been completely removed, and we are ready to begin replacing electrical and plumbing.  Yippee — one step closer in the process of fixer to fab! 🙂

Addition subfloor

Starbucks gift card to the first person who can tell me IN A COMMENT what is missing from this picture (other than the floor – duh!).

So what was the holdup, you might wonder?  Well, the [probably well-meaning] geniuses who put the beautiful yellow linoleum in the living room not only glued it on top of the hardwood, but they first glued down a layer of tar paper.  In addition, the way the hardwood was originally nailed down made it extremely difficult to pry up.  Mr. Fixer used his circular saw to cut the flooring into smaller pieces, which then made it easier to pull up, but also a bit more time-consuming.  We then had to painstakingly pull off both the layer of linoleum and the layer of tar paper from each individual piece of wood!  [Well, we didn’t have to, but we wanted to salvage what we could and reduce our waste at the dump.]  Talk about tedious work!  Combine this with an absent Mrs. Fab (yay for beach vacations!) and the cold-to-the-bones weather, and you’ve got a bit of a delay.  That is the way the construction game goes, though–it always takes longer than you think!

Hope everyone has been staying warm these last several days!  If you have it in your heart to donate some food or clothing to the Oregon Food Bank, there are lots of folks who could use the love!  Visit http://www.oregonfoodbank.org/ for more info!


Mrs. Fab

Mr. Fixer pulling up linoleum

As difficult as it was to remove, I sure am glad to see that linoleum go!

Removing tar paper

Mrs. Fab’s job was to remove the tar paper from each piece of wood and separate the pieces into a good pile and a bad pile. Super fun!

Hardwood flooring origin

One of my favorite things about this project so far — finding remnants of history beneath the rubble.

Mr. Fixer with large demo bar

Mr. Fixer bought a fancy pry bar to help with the rest of the flooring demo. It sure made quick work of it!

Mr. Fixer preparing to pull up floor

Ready to tackle the parquet flooring in the addition.

Parquet removal

Goodness, if only the rest of the flooring had been this easy to pull out! Mr. Fixer was awfully proud of himself! 😉




Bags of trash

Loads of garbage — tar paper and linoleum mostly. This doesn’t even include all the junk already in the truck!