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Oh my goodness, friends — can you believe that it’s November already?!  Personally, I am absolutely amazed at how time flies.  Mr. Fixer and I have now been homeowners for a whole month; and lo and behold, that first mortgage payment is due in about a week.  Yikes!  It doesn’t seem right that we have to pay a mortgage for a home we’re not even living in yet, does it? Hmmm, donations… anyone?

I am finally seeing a tiny bit of light at the end of the tunnel, though.  Heading into Saturday with a bit of a sugar hangover from Halloween revelry, Mr. Fixer and I began to tackle the final bit of demo — flooring!  Our friend Pat, who happens to be a general contractor (yay for experienced help!), helped us get that started, along with removing the last bit of drywall from the laundry room.  I was basically useless with the floor demo, I must say.  Busting out each individual plank is tough work!  Mr. Fixer told me I needed to work on my upper body strength and then sent me along to another project! 😉

Our other dear friend, Mike, came by for shift number two, and by the end of the afternoon, two bedrooms were finished!  The remainder of the floor demo will consist of a large expanse of hardwood (with linoleum glued on top) in the living room.  Good thing Mr. Fixer is so strong!


Mr. Fixer and Pat making quick work of this floor demo!


I know this would make a killer bonfire, but we’re hoping to salvage some of it. Mr. Fixer thinks that he can try to refinish most pieces, so I will be thinking of some fun ways we can re-purpose it!


An easier job for Mrs. Fab — removing the cedar trim around the ceiling of the addition. We hope to reuse some of this, as it is really tongue and groove bead board flipped upside down!


Mike is letting us borrow his shop vac. He’s an amazing worker and cleaner-upper!


Speaking of cleaning up, I would say half our time is spent simply loading the truck for runs to the dump/salvage yard.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their week (and month)!  I have a feeling it is going to zoom by, so enjoy the gift of these days ahead!


Mrs. Fab

3 thoughts on “Wrapping up Demo

    1. Mrs. Fab Post author

      Good question, Gabi! They actually probably could’ve been refinished in some areas. However, there was major water damage in one bedroom, plus all the hardwood in the living room had linoleum glued on top. This left little to be salvaged in terms of the entire area where we’d want the hardwood to go. We’re thinking of reusing it as a feature wall, or maybe building something with it (like the back entry built-in bench). Do you have any good ideas for us? 🙂

  1. Gabi M.

    That’s a good question! I’ve never thought of what to do with leftover flooring. Casey made salvaged wood into a guitar hanger, but if you don’t play, maybe a coat rack? A deck? A plank wall would be pretty cool 🙂


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